R&D Department


Core advantages

1. Product update. Combining the company's product line strategic planning, market research results and customer requirements, formulate product development directions, demonstrate the feasibility of new products and organize implementation;

2. Technical innovation. Collect and organize the development technical information of similar products at home and abroad regularly, and apply to practical work. Maintain the sensitivity to new products and technologies at home and abroad, and combine with the company's actual situation to actively innovate;

3. Quality improvement. Organize the identification and review of R & D achievements, timely analyze and summarize the experience and lessons in the R & D process, and continuously improve the quality of R & D.

Phosphating Workshop

We have plant phosphating workshp, no phosphating treatment of the frame.

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Steps of phosphation-free treatment:


Stoving Varnish+Sticker Workshop


Three spray three baking process, so that the car paint more solid, uniform, bright


Our factory USES no film standard, the color is beautiful, explodes in the sun, does not fade in a year.
No film sticker Production steps: enter the oven at low temperature of 80℃ to bake, form a film, peel off, then enter the oven at 150℃ to bake again, out of the oven naturally cool

Production Department

Our factory own phosphating workshop, paint workshop, two assembly lines, quality control and other departments, mutual cooperation, standardized production.

Production Process Control:


Produce SOP standard

No.1 The Derailleur's SOP standard: The main guarantee and transmission connected to each part of the use of flexible, frictionless, for the bicycle to provide perfect power

No.2 The Front Fork and Frame's SOP standard: Let the Front Fork, Stem and the Frame play out before the u.s. connection, ensuring steering flexibility, avoid damaging the paint

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